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“I wish every girl in high school could read these books. Women in shelters should read them. What a difference that would make!” Ellen

“The author takes the reader on an in depth journey of her life & the not so easy choices. She mentions resources that better the lives of the disabled.” Esther, Former President of SASP

“I am so proud of Tiffani for writing her book to help others & get it published! She is an inspiration to me to continue writing my memoir and is always giving me hints & tips.”

Linda S., Secretary of SASP

"I live in the apartments where Tiffani lives. My struggle is mental illness. I was in bed with depression. She is the only person that called, or came to visit me. This is what her books are all about - helping others. She has covered many topics and she has very helpful information. She also has a workbook. She is very positive and confident. You almost forget that she has restrictions. Read her book and you’ll be blessed and you can help others." Gloria P.

"My family is so happy with books. My 10 and 12 year old says these books have answers to various questions in life and they guide someone in making right choices since it talks about disadvantages of various questions and how to deal with them. They love these books." Daudeti from Uganda

A Non-fiction Self Help Guide to Awareness

Lifelong resident of Washington, Tiffani Harvey who was born with multiple disabilities has an innate strength driving her to question the automatic assumptions of authority which diminished her innate quest for independence and self reliance in the name of ‘protecting’ herself from perceived threats: based on outward appearance. She grew in the midst of her struggle to achieve autonomy and became an active advocate for those who are beginning their journey.

With grace, compassion, experience and solid practical advice “A Journey to Independence “ Tiffani reaches out to empower others by helping them to identify and answer the necessary questions and challenges at every stage of their walk to freedom, by casting a light on her own struggle while empowering individuals and the people who love and care for them with remarkable insight that can only arise from meeting personal challenges head on and succeeding!

A. R. Koheen

Nationally and Internationally honored Poetrix

Editor and novelist, retired